EXL Optimizes International Trade

Founded in 2001, EXL Group is not just a traditional MX/US Customs Broker. It is company that performs EDI processing in a transparent and intuitive way for its customers. EXL is a company with a corporate license and a national permit, with a significant increase in presence on the southern border of the United States.

EXL’s ViatPro system has revolutionized the traditional customs documentation process of the 21st century, providing in real time unsurpassed visibility, tracking, and maintenance of electronic records and EDI processing for all our customers.

With over 20 years of technical and operational experience, our leadership has robust, cutting-edge solutions such as EDI-XML processing, which eliminate the human element when creating an entry document to the U.S. Additionally, the same data used to create the entry is used for the export pedimento.

EXL develops the best supply chain management tools

EXL GROUP is convinced that with the current international competition, we offer our clients services that meet their demands.



Continuously exceed the changing expectations of our internal and external customers. "We want to work in the same direction as the client for mutual benefit.“


Be for our customers the best option in International Trade services.



We emphasize our total responsibility to satisfy our customers, creating a bridge of personal communication.


Advantages of being with EXL Group

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With us you can define and integrate your tradelanes and stakeholders


Implement your own trading rules and make stakeholders follow them!


Everyone can define their business rules according to their indicators


Add the information and automatically everything will be integrated together with the customs documentation

ISO 9001:2015

We have a quality management system certified under ISO 9001:2015

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You will have automated documentation by having a single EDI data source

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We improve the compliance of your shipments with our business model based on the increase of audits and the reduction of manual data


We are the only Customs Agency that owns a customs platform with a single window where you can simultaneously obtain Mexican and American authorizations

Social Responsibility

EXL understands Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the set of actions developed to establish trustworthy, stable, strong and mutually beneficial relationships between stakeholders.

Our approach: Stakeholders are customers, employees, suppliers, external partners, international customs and society. EXL’s Corporate Responsibility Policy establishes a common action framework that guides the company’s responsible behavior by establishing the necessary action principles and commitments with the involved stakeholders. This aligns with the corporate strategy of the company.

Scope: The Corporate Responsibility Policy applies to all facilities that make up EXL, regardless of the activity or location where these are established. Therefore, it applies to all company transactions in which responsibility is given to EXL or its subsidiaries.

Compromisos y Principios de actuación: La adecuada relación con el entorno constituye un aspecto estratégico de primer orden para EXL. Por este motivo, en el marco de la estrategia general de las partes interesadas, se han definido unas líneas de actuación y unos compromisos específicos hacia los grupos de interés enfocados a la generación de valor mediante el establecimiento y desarrollo de sólidos principios de actuación que faciliten el crecimiento sostenible en el largo plazo. Para la consecución de estos compromisos, la Política de Responsabilidad Corporativa se desarrolla y complementa a través de una serie de políticas y normas que hacen tangibles los compromisos de EXL.



Internal Regulations and Employee handbook

politica anticorrupcion


derechos humanos

Human Rights


politica de Calidad


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