Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage Services

Consultoría Aduanera

Customs Consulting Services

EXL has a team of highly trained individuals that provide our clients with solid technical investigations when it comes to HTS code applications, international customs law and regulations application, such as USMCA. With over 18 years of technical experience, EXL can guide you through any changes in laws and regulations that can have an impact on your business.

clasificación Aduanera

Product Classification

In order to guarantee continuous success with our clients’ shipments, our team of highly trained individuals helps determine the correct HTS code for new products. We continuously reevaluate the existing classifications in order to comply with import and export regulations.

Despacho Aduanero


With over 18 years of experience, EXL group specializes on customs dispatch. EXL has experience handling all transportation modes and has a presence in the main ports of entry.

Auditoría Aduanera

Customs AuditingServices

EXL’s business model places an emphasis on auditing all documents that are submitted for customs clearance purposes. This helps EXL guarantee a high customs compliance rate.

Métricas y Análisis comerciales

Key performance indicators and commercial analysis

At EXL group, relevant information, such as live key performance indicators and commercial analysis are provided to our clients. These are extracted from our software ViatPro. This information can be used by the clients to determine tendencies, identify deficiencies, and discover cost-saving opportunities.

Special Operations

cambios de regimen

Regime Changes

EXL is ready to help with the any regime change operations to fit your needs. EXL will complete the necessary documentation and expedite the service. As an example, a temporal customs regime can be updated to a definitive regime

operaciones virtuales

Virtual Operations

EXL group has virtual operations done via the IMMEX program. This allows the importation of raw materials and components to Mexico. These operations are carried out by our specialized team that will focus on meeting the set deadlines.

operaciones de regularizacion

Regularization Operations

EXL guarantees that the regularization operations will be carried out following the standardized customs dispatch process, thus providing documentation that the product can remain legally in the country.


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