Logistics and Distribution

Reporte en linea

Online Reporting

Instant reports can be extracted from our proprietary software ViatPro. ViatPro automates the supply chain and will be the main tool for your distribution and logistic needs.

Cámaras en vivo de seguridad

Live Security Cameras

EXL group has video monitoring in all sections of the warehouse to ensure that all shipments are safe. Additionally, customers’ privacy is always taken into account.

informes digitales

Automated Digital Reporting

EXL offers online live reporting 24 hours 7 days a week. These reports consist of customs information, shipment updates, shipment tracking and are a function of ViatPro.

Seguimiento de envíos

Shipment Tracking via GPS Electronic Seal

EXL offers GPS security seals that enable the tracking of shipments. These seals register the movement of the shipment and opening/closing of the seal. Real time notifications of these events are sent to keep our clients informed.


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