ViatPro a software solution for the supply chain


A software that automates the exports for the supply chain. Customs brokers, carriers and exporters interact online within ViatPro in an intuitive and safe way, which reduces costs and processing times.

Procesamiento total de la cadena de suministro

TOTAL SUPPLY CHAIN PROCESSING ViatPro links suppliers, carriers, drayage companies, MX/USA customs brokers, 3PL, and other supply chain stakeholders on the same online platform. ViatPro was designed to have the unique stakeholder data available to them in a timely manner, regardless of date, time or location.

¿Cómo funciona?


1. The exporter create a shipment and upload the corresponding documents to ViatPro


2. ViatPro sends a notification to the US and MX Customs broker, informing them about the shipment and the available documents


3. the Carrier is notified.


4. The MX Customs broker audits the documents and generates the pedimento


5. The US Customs broker completes the audit of the documents and generates the entry


6.The carrier completes the e-manifest and downloads the DODA and PITA

Access and visibility in a single screen

ViatPro offers single window visibility of the entire supply chain process, resulting in an intuitive platform that promotes efficiency

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E.D.I. Data flow connectivity

ViatPro utilizes electronic data exchange to improve the interaction between the participating stakeholders in a supply chain transaction. This is achieved through automated shipment updates, shipment and commercial invoice follow ups.


Custom User Profiles

ViatPro allows the client to design unique profiles for each stakeholder. The information available to each stakeholder is determined by the client.

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ViatPro Track

Online GPS shipment tracking

Custom notifications

Custom solutions are our specialty. ViatPro Track allows the client to set unique events and notifications.

Online tracking

ViatPro Track offers instant online shipment tracking

Breach detection

ViatPro Track can send a notification when the GPS seal has been breached

notificaciones configurables

Define Routes and Geofences

ViatPro Track has the capability of defining custom routes and geofences, thus allowing the client to be informed automatically if the shipment is on the correct route and if it is moving in the correct direction.

C-TPAT and ISO certifications

This product has been approved by C-TPAT and is ISO 17712 compliant

ViatPro WMS

Warehouse management system

Live warehouse updates

Have access to all warehouse processes and receive notifications with a timestamp.

Shipment Inspection

Documents and pictures of the product can be accessed online

Online trailer Inventory

Live visibility of the existing trailer units available at the yard. Arrival and departure time stamp available.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)

HTS code is also reflected within WMS.

ViatPro App

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